£9 million council office build gets public backing

  1. August 18, 2014 7:20 pm

A majority of respondents to the council’s recent public consultation supported the plan for new £9 million office premises at Knapping Mount.

More than 57 per cent of over 800 people who responded were in favour of the council moving from their current office sites throughout our town to a new single location.


The plan for this new purpose-built site is a five office complex where all council matters can be dealt with. This idea has been backed by Conservative councillors from its inception, though local Lib Dems have raised their own concerns, the Harrogate Advertiser reports.

Harrogate council leader Councillor Richard Cooper commented:

“The majority of respondents have supported the option to develop purpose-built offices at the Knapping Mount site. This move would offer many benefits such as improving customer service by dealing with all customer queries from one location, offering long term financial savings through reduced running costs and improving efficiency.”

During the public consultation on this matter, which lasted two and a half months, it was suggested that the new premises be built at Hornbeam Park. A meeting this week will consider that option but it is thought that the preferred choice of Knapping Mount will be pursued, now that it has the backing of a majority of Harrogatonians.


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