Beer Hawk – Case Review

  1. June 15, 2014 8:19 am

British Beer at Beer

Ready to kick out the mass‐produced beer we are also far too comfortable with, Beer Hawk prides itself on finding you the perfect beer or Ale, as we northerns say! They carry a wide range from the UK, Europe and America and they try everything before they back it so you know it's good.

Beer Hawk - Great British Discovery Case

Recently we decided to indulge in one of their exclusive Great British Discovery cases that gives you the chance to try a variety of different flavours and boy did we have a selection!

There was something for all tastes and we could have carried on drinking all night, had we not had work and early starts the next day! But my recommendation would be to throw the schedule out the window and take a night to fully focus your attention on this great package.

We had 15 beers altogether, safely packages and sealed and delivered to the front door ready for consumption! And so it began, a tasting flurry of flavours and it really was a treat. From Indian Pale Ale to the infamous dark depths of Black Sheep. There were some invent names teamed with invent tastes! Something for everyone and some things if think you may not have tried. This isn't just the bottles you can grab down the supermarket, these are exciting new ideas and a restoration of old classics. Ticketybrew had the best name and the most interesting taste, we decided it would probably go well with a good curry! Of course, not too disappoint the sweeter pallet, there was a lovely blonde ale tinted with Raspberry, perfect for a summer evening or if you have a sweet tooth like me, team it with a desert!

Overall the night was haze of great Ale and Beer Hawk really did deliver. With Father's Day looming, this could be the perfect gift for that special Dad or Daddy, so if you're stuck for ideas, get over to a Beer Hawk before it all runs out!

Don't miss out on this "tastes sensation" as Peter Kaye would say! Oh and if your taste buds aren't tingling already, how about you calm your wallet down with this exclusive discount code?? How can you say no now?

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