Breakfast at Betty’s

  1. September 17, 2014 7:33 am

It's one of those magical places that you can't really believe still exists. Standing proud on the end of the street, tall black pillars aligned like iron railings and topped with gold edges, letters and trim. Like stepping back in time, each room drips with classicism. The perfect place to take shelter from the rain or adore the greenery of Harrogate whilst relaxing with some delectable macaroons and a cup of english tea.

Betty's. It all began in 1919 when Frederick Belmont opened his first Betty's Café in our spa town, Harrogate. A perfect blend (much like your cup of Yorkshire tea) of Swiss and English elements, brought together to create something quite special that caught the eye of many. The shop too is brimming with treats from bread and biscuits to cakes and confectionary, what more could you ask for?


I was lucky enough to get to Betty's earlier one morning and enjoy a breakfast, sheltering from the rain and taking in the atmosphere. A busy breakfast service, I only waited 5 minutes to be seated and I was certainly well looked after, which always pleases the soul on an early Saturday morning. The staff, all dressed in traditional uniforms were very attentive and neatly quick! It really does feel like one of those places you can settle into with a fine cup of earl grey and the newspaper. Oh and the earl grey is devine, cleansing and soothing!

After the hard task of choosing a breakfast (they're really are some great choices - I may have to go back every weekend!) I sat and watched as the hustle and bustle happened around me. Admiring the perfectly maintained 1920's stylings, I noticed the piano in the corner and my attention was soon upon the events booklet left on the table. There are so many things on offer, from evening and day events and live music, so why not really take this classic place to the limit and adventure to the Classic Swing evening on Friday 24th October? Or try the L'Occitane Luncheon on 4th November to find out about all the great beauty secrets.

In the midst of all the information I was absorbing, my breakfast was served. Scrambled egg on toast with smoked salmon, but what a perfect touch, smoked salmon not on on the top but also carefully mixed into the scrambled egg, emphasising that rich smoked taste and it was a generous portion! I could have eaten it all over again and catching a glimpse of the other plates floating from hand to table, the full english looked clean and hearty, the Eggs Benedict was creamy and glossy and the coffee smelt strong and fresh! I'd recommended the Jamaican Blue Mountain.

It really is part of Harrogate's heritage and if you're visiting or a resident you really you should take the stroll over to the cafe and even if there is a que, it's worth the wait, I promise!

Written by Elle Reece of Jam Jar Journal

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