Earn Some Brownie Points this Mother’s Day

  1. March 23, 2014 1:43 pm

Oh not another event that’s going to cost you money, you may think as Mother’s Day once again approaches. Or maybe you’re looking forward to the chance to spoil your ma with gifts, flowers and food. Whether you think it’s a commercial con or an opportunity to show some love to the woman who brought you up, you can’t turn up to see her empty handed  on Mothering Sunday or you really will be in the bad books.


So, a safe not sorry approach to Mother’s Day is advised, and it is a great chance to earn some brownie points after all – always worth having with a maternal figure. Plus, this is the woman who gave you life, so she has probably earned a card and some chocolates at the very least, right?

If you want to treat your mum to a special day this Mothering Sunday – and we’ve established that you do if you know what’s good for you – you have plenty of options. So let’s run through a few to help you plan the perfect Mother’s Day in the Harrogate area.

The perfect card

Harrogate is home to a number of greeting card shops and this is the first thing you need for Mother’s Day. It is important not to grab the first one you see, but to spend some time picking a card that your mum will love, whether it’s a Mickey-taking joke card or a beautiful image that she’ll appreciate.

Gorgeous flowers

A bouquet of blooms always goes down well on Mothering Sunday, and Harrogate has a plentiful supply of stunning flowers at its array of well stocked florists. Try and find out your mum’s favourites to show the effort you’re going to.

Tasty chocolates

This is a complete generalisation but most mums love chocolates. It’s therefore – generally speaking – a good idea to buy some luxurious chocs if you want to give your mother something special on Mother’s Day. Thankfully there are numerous skilled chocolatiers (if that is indeed a real word) in Harrogate, who can offer you (and your mum) all kinds of delectable truffles, dark chocolate, salt caramel and a lot more besides.


A lunchtime treat

A traditional Mother’s Day treat is a lovely Sunday lunch, and of course there is no shortage of restaurants, pubs and cafes serving up delicious dishes in Harrogate. Many offer specially designed Mothering Sunday menus, so take your mum to her favourite spot, or spoil her to a great lunch somewhere new and exciting.

A memento of the day

Mother’s Day will come and go in a flash, so it’s a nice idea to get your ma something to remember the day by. Maybe a little piece of jewellery that she can keep, or a framed picture of her with her family, that she can cherish for years to come.

The main thing is that she remembers the day fondly, and if you follow the tips in this post she will, and you will have earned some valuable brownie points!

Being a mum is a full-time job, so make sure she sits down and puts her feet up for a well-earned rest this Mother’s Day. To help your mum relax, treat her to a luxurious Voyage cushion or throw from Décor and enjoy some quality sofa-time together.

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