End of Summer Review & Beyond 2014

  1. August 31, 2014 4:25 pm

It’s certainly been a busy year up north and in particular for our perfectly quaint town of Harrogate too. A storm of new eateries, shining sun, food conventions oh, and of course the bikes! It’s certainly been bursting at the stitching, so join us here at Harrogate.co.uk and remember the best of the summer and find out what’s next.

It was the first time our prestigious little town had the honour of hosting a prestigious, big event in the shape of the BBC Good Food Show.  A tantalising array of world foods, brilliant bakes, inventive treats and you know I’m talking about the Home Made Brownies and the pots of salted caramel, all tied up with the adventurous alcohol concoctions that made our taste buds dance and sing. It was a whirl wind of excellence.

Following on nicely from one foodie event to another, the unveiling of two new eateries in Harrogate has floated upon us and not too far away from each other, in fact they are neighbours!  The Pit opened a few months ago, infamous for its underground bar and eating area oh and don’t forget the ping pong tables upstairs! If you think you’re fair game you should prove yourself and try and claim the ultimate title!  There’s a hearty selection of garden cocktails, old classics with new twists and Canary Pit on tap. Take a seat at your diner style table and tuck into Pulled Pork Lollies, Philly Fries and the ultimate, the I can’t believe it exists burger…The King.  Bacon Jam, Beef Pattie, Peanut butter sauce between two perfectly formed sweet doughnuts. Yes it’s real and yes it’s epic. But never fear, if you’re looking for something a little lighter on the stomach then head next door to the new and beautiful Jamie’s Italian.


Styled in the same lofty open theme as the Leeds restaurant, Jamie’s Italian is decorated with wooden counters, iron edges and low hanging, long lights. An up to date yet, relaxed atmosphere to dine on some of the best Italian creations you’ve ever tasted. The luscious Lamb Lollipops are a treat and the Pork Belly with Fennel Crackling, it’s true to say there are plenty of classic Italian dishes, reinvented for your taste buds. It’s definitely worth heading down to Parliament Street this season, your stomach will thank you.

After filling our faces with tasty treats, perhaps it’s time for some exercise? Well, the nation has gone crazy and especially us Northern for a bit of cycling. Bikes on the road seemed to double, if not triple in the days leading up to the Tour De France. We all wanted a taste of the event, be that taking up the sport ourselves or making sure we go straight to the heart of the action that weekend at the Harrogate Fan Park, filled to the brim of dedicated cycle fans and true Harrogate-arians and we certainly brought a hearty Yorkshire crowd together to see the speeding lycra pass us by. Most certainly an event to remember and although Cavendish took a heart-breaking fall on the last leg through Harrogate town just past Betty’s the support and dedication of Yorkshire did not go unnoticed, something that we can remember forever.

On to the next great event and this time a regular occurrence which we are all very proud of, The Harrogate Flower Show. The only event to show case autumn festivities, you can make your way to the grounds this September. New to the show this year is, Inspiration Street a series of new designed small gardens. For anyone struggling with a small plot of land, desperate for some inspiration, make sure you book your tickets to this Septembers show and get your gardening head on! Intriguing about the lifecycle of pip to plant? Harrogate Autumn Flower Show are planning a celebration of the great and honest Apple, along with the usual array of beautiful flowers and some of the best floral structures to grace Harrogate. Don’t miss out and get your tickets early from www.flowershow.org.uk.

Harrogate Flower Show Infographic


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Harrogate has lots more to offer and although the summer nights are drawing to a close that doesn’t mean the fun is over. Make sure you check in with us to keep up to date with everything that’s going on and what to expect in the last half of 2014!

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