Get Fit in Harrogate’s Outdoor Spaces

  1. November 27, 2017 8:19 pm
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Past surveys have named Harrogate as the happiest place to live. This is perhaps partly due to healthy residents, who are able to spend much of their time in its outdoor spaces. While there are many gyms in the town, Harrogate is also popular for dog owners because of access to large areas of parks and woodland, meaning you can get fit outside for free. Here a few options for you to practice yoga, run and play sports.


Yorkshire Dales

So you’ve been looking for the best diet and workout plans, but have you thought about where you should exercise? The Yorkshire Dales could be the perfect environment. This 841 square miles of national park offers endless natural beauty and clean air.

With such a famous area of countryside on your doorstep, you’d be crazy not utilise it for your fitness routine. The hills will provide a tough workout for runners, but a simple stroll could help you keep fit while in Harrogate.

Valley Gardens

Spread over 17 acres, Valley Gardens is a dream for any fitness lover. Once you get away from the historical buildings and leisure areas, there is a large woodland in which you can walk or run. The large size of the gardens means that it is rarely crowded, even at peak times.

Beyond this, there are plenty of facilities available for sport lovers. There are tennis courts, skate parks and three different golf courses for playing crazy golf, disc golf and pitch and putt. This offers a variety of fitness activities, from popular sports to more unique activities that you may not have tried before.

The Stray

With 200 acres of open grassland, you won’t struggle to find space for your preferred fitness activity at the Stray. Surrounding the old town, you will always be close to amenities such as shops and toilets. The open grassland and footpaths make it a great location to put on your best running shoes and get fit.

It is also a popular location for football matches, so if you prefer team sports it is a perfect playing field. Since this is such an important outdoor space in Harrogate, it is even covered by a 1985 Act of Parliament called “The Stray Act.” This ensures that it will continue to serve the leisure and fitness needs of residents of and visitors to Harrogate.

Harrogate is a town with a love of the outdoors and wellness. This is reflected in its abundance of park space and proximity to the Yorkshire Dales. While there are also plenty of gyms to keep you fit, take time to take your workout to one of Harrogate’s many outdoor areas.

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