Harrogate hosts world record-breaking wedding

  1. March 1, 2015 2:18 pm
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A £110,000 wedding at Rudding Park in Harrogate has broken world records and proved to be a very big day!

Alex and Amy Simmons – a couple from Leeds – were married on 23 February at Rudding Park, breaking two world records.

The pair had a grand total of 97 ushers, beating the previous record of a mere 47; and 136 bridesmaids, which was four more than the previous record-holding wedding. Alex and Amy avoided the difficult decisions most couples have to make by simply having every guest as an usher or bridesmaid.

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Another considerable benefit for the new Mr and Mrs Simmons was that the wedding didn’t cost them a penny. In fact it was a prize in a Facebook competition, run by Confetti & Lace bridal shop. The couple met last summer but after winning the competition brought forward their wedding plans

To qualify for the world records the guests had to be friends or family of Alex and Amy and not just random guests. To fill seats law student Amy called in girlfriends from across the globe, while radio presenter Alex recruited numerous rugby pals to boost numbers and break records.


The couple enjoyed an epic big day that would have been financially out of reach. Alex said:

“There is no way with kids we would have been able to afford this ourselves. It would be such a major difference. This had made our dreams come true. The fact we can have everyone there is amazing.”

He added:

“It has been very stressful but thankfully I know a lot of people who have all mucked in and it has been a great celebration.”

Amy said:

“It was amazing. It has been a complete whirlwind. It has taken a lot of work but it has been worth it. It has gone better than planned. Everyone in the same dress looks awesome. It feels ace to be a world record holder and get married on the same day.”

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