Harrogate NHS Trust receives £8,000 donation

  1. February 15, 2015 1:39 pm

Times are turbulent for the NHS and many hospitals and other care establishments are struggling in the wake of budget cuts and because of increasing demand. It is nice then to hear some good news in this field, as Harrogate NHS Trust has received an £8,000 donation from Sovereign Health Care Charitable Trust.

Sovereign Health Care is an organisation based in Bradford, whose charitable trust has recently donated almost £50,000 to six NHS trusts in Yorkshire, according to the Ripon Gazette.


Chairman of the Harrogate and District NHS Foundation, Sandra Dodson, said:

“We’re extremely grateful to Sovereign Health Care Charitable Trust for their generous donation, which is enabling us to buy much needed extra equipment, including two emergency trolleys for our Accident and Emergency Department.”

She added:
“These extra life-saving facilities would not have been possible without their donation and I would like to thank them for their support.”

Sovereign Health Care works closely with its local community in Bradford to improve health and wellbeing, but this work is not limited to that area, as is evident from the recent donations to Harrogate and five other Yorkshire NHS trusts. The organisation does not have shareholders, so any additional funds it makes are reinvested or transferred to its charitable trust, to be donated in order to further promote health in Yorkshire.

Sovereign trustee Russ Piper said:
“We’re proud of our long history of supporting the NHS in Yorkshire and are determined that this commitment will continue. The Trust is vital in providing much-needed care in the area it serves, and we’re delighted to supply this useful grant to further its good work.”

The £8,000 donated to Harrogate could Benefit Harrogate District Hospital, other local community hospitals, clinics and care in patients’ homes.

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