Harrogate ranks near top of UK rankings for newly created businesses

  1. September 9, 2014 7:34 am

Accountancy network UHY Hacker Young has been researching the ability of different parts of the UK to create new businesses. The findings reveal that Harrogate is one of the country’s top spots for nurturing new enterprises, and our town has ended up in 16th position.

Harrogate has raced ahead of the majority of locations, even coming ahead of big cities such as Sheffield, Leeds, York and Manchester. Harrogate is also smaller than all the locations that finished higher in the results.


According to the research of UHY Hacker Young, Harrogate has created six new businesses per 10,000 population. The national average is just 0.8 new businesses per 10,000 people.

UHY partner Neville Pierce commented:

“Overall there is still a huge divide between north and south in terms of business generation.” He added: “Since the recession, the government has heaped substantial investment into helping the creation of small businesses. However, local councils in the north, west and Wales may need to further step up their business generation initiatives if they’re to catch up with the south and boost the local economy.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly the area ranking first in these results is Greater London. It has created 16.1 new businesses per 10,000 population. Slough and Milton Keynes followed in second and third positions respectively.

Scores are based on data from the year ending 2012, which is the most recent currently available.

The lowest ranking place in the UK is Blackpool, which has lost 13.4 businesses per 10,000 people.

So it seems there are very mixed results throughout the nation, but good news for Harrogate. Let us know what you think about how easy it is to create a new business in the Harrogate area. If you have recently started up a local enterprise, we’d love to hear your experiences.

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