Harrogate Sunday school for sale as four bedroom house at under £800K

  1. October 13, 2014 8:06 pm

The school was constructed in 1929 and has now been transformed by a local property developer into a four bedroom home, spread out over three floors and an impressive 3,500 sq ft. It has retained numerous original features, including stone embellishments and the Sunday school sign itself, on the front of the property, above its three large arched windows. Just a quick look tells you this is no normal house.

The inside too differs greatly from the average semi or terrace house, after the extensive refurbishment it has undergone. All mod cons are covered in this characterful old structure, from basics like central heating to an en-suite shower room for the master bedroom and glass viewing panes from bedrooms down into the capacious living room, which itself has 20 foot high ceilings.

It evidently won’t be a squeeze to live here, with spacious reception hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, four bedrooms and even a cinema room.

The current owner of the Sunday school has also bought the adjoining 6,500 sq ft church. It is currently disused but the owner plans to renovate this old property too and live in it himself.

Are you impressed with this local development? What do you think if it and how would you like to live in an old Sunday school or church?

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