Harrogate’s Little Helpers

  1. December 16, 2013 7:28 pm

This Christmas, Greg Davis of Harrogate has set up 'Harrogate’s Little Helpers'. Greg and his team of helpers will be delivering presents out to children and adults in the Harrogate area.  They will be visiting Harrogate Hospital on Christmas Day to give presents to those that cannot spend time at home with their families, or those that may not have many people around to spend time with this Christmas.

Harrogates Little Helpers

Harrogate’s Little Helpers are looking for gifts and donations to help them along with their great cause. Visit their webpage (www.harrogateslittlehelpers.co.uk) for donations, or if you have any gift donations you can contact them on Harrogateslittlehelpers@gmail.com. The more gifts and donations they get the wider reach they will have.

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Greg and his friends previous good deeds led to raising over £3,000 for Yorkshire Cancer Research getting national coverage.

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