Hundreds of new houses planned for the Harrogate area

  1. September 4, 2014 12:48 pm
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Applications have been submitted for the building of hundreds of new houses in Harrogate in the past week. Harrogate Borough Council has received applications for three new building developments, each to include over 100 properties. Building contractor Taylor Wimpy has also resubmitted an application for the building of 124 houses on Crag Lane – an application that was refused by the council several months ago.

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Councillor Michael Harrison commented on the situation:

“The council is expecting an increase in the number of applications throughout the district, however each of these will be considered on a case by case basis”.

A planning committee in April voted unanimously against the proposal for 124 houses to be built on the fields opposite Harlow Carr.  The Pinewoods Conservation Group are opposed to the project as the site backs onto the Pinewoods.

Group Chairman Neil Hind explained the nature of his group’s opposition:

“We are not opposed to all development, this isn’t a case of not in my back yard, but that site isn’t suitable. We object to this because it will have a negative impact on the biodiversity of the Pinewoods.”

According to Mr Hind, “There are far more suitable sites for housing around Harrogate.”
A proposal has been submitted for the construction of 143 new homes at the former police training college on Yew Tree Lane. Plans include the renovation of existing stone buildings and to keep the avenue of trees in this part of Pannal Ash. David Wilson Homes say that if the application is approved work could begin next year, with all work complete by 2019.  An application has also been submitted for 206 new houses on Skipton Road.

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