Let’s Get Glowing – Winter Illuminations

  1. November 15, 2017 1:55 pm
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We are very much in the Christmas mood here and we thought it only right to follow our last post with a very special Christmas event, hosted by RHS Garden Harlow Carr. It’s a magical must and perfect for all, including adventurous kids!

This exciting event with run from the 23rd Nov - 30th December, Thursdays to Saturdays so there are plenty of chances to see what’s going on.



Why not start with something warm and tasty at Betty’s Cafe Tea Room, they serve their full cafe menu until 6.30PM and if you don’t quite make it or fancy something lighter, they’ll look after you with a hot drink to takeaway. After warming up, follow the trail and venture through the beautiful RHS Garden in Harrogate and see all the trees in all their wonder with added special lighting effects. It’s sure to be quite beautiful.

If you are a member of the RHS you won’t need a ticket for this event, if you’re not a member just visit the Facebook event link and make sure you bring you’re e-ticket with you. Tickets can also be bought on the day if you’re leaving it last minute, but don’t forget you’re camera, we think the light will be perfect!

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