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  1. March 13, 2016 8:37 pm
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Mark Wilkinson’s Furniture really is unmistakable. Having six showrooms across the country, Harrogate was the first to undergo a fresh new refurbishment. On Thursday 10th March, an exclusive evening and a presentation by Mark Wilkinson OBE himself, led an insight into the inspiration and incredible craftsmanship behind these majestic kitchens.

The evening welcomed at visit from the Mayor, Nigel Simms and the Mayoress Lynn Sims. As the Mayor said ‘If it wasn’t for the craftsmanship behind Mark’s furniture you wouldn’t be enjoying what is here tonight.’The event was also supported by exquisite cuisine prepared by Frances Atkins, Master Chef at the Michelin-starred ‘Yorke Arms’. In addition, there was an opportunity to enjoy a ‘Mark Wilkinson Cocktail’ infused and created especially for the event. The canapés and cocktails both had something in common with the newly refurbished kitchens - the sheer attention to detail. Detail evidently being of the utmost importance of Wilkinson’s furniture. The intricacies in every cupboard handle to every drawer had a design focus in mind, yet refused to sacrifice the most important thing…practicality.

Functionality is evidently the key element when designing his kitchens but the added design flourishes and sheer craftsmanship really does give the brand the ability to stand as a front runner in an otherwise competitive market. Kitchens are the heart of many homes and technology is at the core of everyday life which Mark Wilkinson Furniture understands and want to portray that in their designs. As Wilkinson said, ‘It’s new, it’s fresh. This is what kitchens are at the moment. I believe it is as good as you get.’

So, why was Harrogate chosen for the refurbished showroom?

‘Think of Harrogate… people love to live here. It’s not fashionable its not unfashionable its just lovely. People want to live here, because they look around and it makes them feel at ease. It’s because the architecture is medieval vernacular, it’s all the way way through the stylistic movements, Palladian, Arts and Crafts… It takes in all of it and been mixed and that fits here. And that’s what makes it feel so comfortable. It works.’ - Mark Wilkinson OBE

This is what Wilkinson likes to replicate in his furniture, not the need to be fashionable but the desire to be stylish. Applying this mantra, Wilkinson and his team showed off two brand new kitchen designs to be seen, as well as the original setting which has been newly refurbished. In total, four different kitchens with a completely different interior design aspect and size to give an idea of the variety they can provide.

If you would like the chance to see these newly refurbished masterpieces, you can find Mark Wilkinson’s Harrogate showroom on 3/5 Crescent Road, Harrogate, HG1 2RS.

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