New Aldi store to open in Harrogate

  1. March 22, 2015 1:27 pm
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Shoppers in Harrogate will have even more choice when it comes to picking up their groceries, as a new Aldi store is set to open in early 2016.

The former Dreams Bed store at Harrogate Retail Park on Ripon Road is the site for the new supermarket. Contractors are due to move into the site in the next few weeks, according to a report in the Harrogate Advertiser.


A spokesperson for Aldi confirmed the planned store in a recent comment:

“Aviva, the owner of the Dreams unit, is due on site in the coming weeks to extend the unit.

“Completion of that extension is currently scheduled for October 2015, and then Aldi will commence fitting out the unit with a view to opening the store in early 2016.”

Aldi saw sales increase by more than 22 per cent over the period of Christmas 2014 and clearly sees profit in the Harrogate area. The German supermarket chain is also planning to open other local stores, in both Wetherby and Ripon.


The developer for this project is Savills, which said the following in its application to Harrogate Borough Council:

“The discount sector of the grocery market has developed significantly over the last ten years, with particular growth in popularity recently as the UK has experienced an economic downturn“.

Savills also said that the new store at Harrogate Retail Park will create 18 new jobs.

Are you happy to see a budget supermarket arrive in Harrogate? How will it fit in with the likes of Waitrose and how will it affect other relatively low cost supermarkets such as ASDA? Let us know whether you think this is a positive development.

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