New village proposed on Flaxby Golf Course

  1. November 23, 2014 4:03 pm

A village, or small town, of up to 2,500 homes has been proposed by developers, who are planning to build the houses on the current Flaxby Golf Course. The land’s owners, Skelwith Group, are drawing up plans for the new settlement and have put on hold a £100 million Flaxby Hotel development, for which they already have planning permission. The group have said that they are still committed to the 300 bed hotel, but that is probably won’t be the five star establishment they first suggested.

Flaxby housing development

Planners are busy designing the layout of the proposed village on the 280 acre site of the golf course. A representative of Skelwith Group has commented on the new plans:

“Harrogate Borough Council needs to find a substantial amount of land for housing and employment development to maintain the district’s prosperity in the years ahead. It needs to avoid Green Belt sites and choose locations which are sustainable in planning terms and which are in places where people want to live and work.”

The spokesperson added:

“In this context, we believe the golf course and other land may have a role to play, and this possibility is currently being explored. However, the matter is at a very early stage, and the idea is still evolving.”

Plans for the new village include office units, a medical practice, a primary school, bus routes to enable easy public transport and a village centre with shops. Developers hope that a rail service will be available for people in the settlement, but say that it will be sustainable without.

The new village is among 200 sites that have been proposed to Harrogate Borough Council.

How would you feel about a brand new village appearing at Flaxby Golf Course? Would you be happy for the additional housing or would it spoil your favourite fairway? Let us know.


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  1. Keely mason
    Posted March 2, 2015 at 9:20 pm | Permalink

    The best place for lot of houses. Stop building in the north of Harrogate where substantial planning has been approved, how will the roads cope with this? Flaxby has good road structure and a whole village with it own amenities will not impact on current villages.

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