School students trained in defibrillator use for emergencies

  1. January 6, 2015 8:48 am

Harrogate students at Rossett School have been trained in emergency resuscitation. The potentially life-saving defibrillator was donated to Rossett Sports Centre by Jackie and Ken Waight, whose son Richard, a teacher in Doncaster, died in 2009 of sudden arrhythmia death syndrome (SADS). The Waights have been fundraising since the death of their son and they are now giving resuscitating equipment to public spaces where it could save lives.

Rossett school

Mr Waight spoke about the importance of such devices:

“A defibrillator is potentially a life-saving device that, if available at the time someone suffers a serious heart problem, can be used to keep them alive, whilst medical treatment is given.

He added:

“Although awareness and numbers of these items are gradually increasing nationally, they are still very sparsely available when and where they are needed.”

Staff at the sports centre are trained in defibrillator use, and four Rossett sixth form students also took an emergency first aid at work course. Sixteen and seventeen year old students Lorna Roberts, Jake Mills, Ellen Dunn and Jessica Morris – all from Harrogate – completed the course and spoke about why they wanted to do it. Jessica said:

“I really wanted to do the course so I can help people if the situation arises. It has given me the confidence to deal with an emergency if I need to.”

Jake expects the course to come in very handy for his chosen career in the future:

“I’m applying for medicine at university and this is an excellent first step for me to prepare for a job in that field.”

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