Smithers Viscient European Laboratory opens in Harrogate

  1. September 30, 2014 11:59 am

On Wednesday September 24 members of industry, government, academia and the media congregated for the opening of the Smithers Viscient European Laboratory in Harrogate.

The new research laboratory is located on Woodfield Drive and was officially opened by the mayor and mayoress of the Borough of Harrogate, along with the company’s CEO Michael Hochschwender. According to Hochscwender this will be one of the most important labs for environmental protection in the world.


According to Yahoo! Finance the creation of this laboratory was a response to the demand for increased research in the field of environmental protection. The CEO said:

“We are proud of our new home in Harrogate. Over the last 18 months Smithers has worked diligently to design and build a facility that allows our scientists to most effectively and efficiently carry out environmental risk studies. I am pleased to be here to celebrate the culmination of that effort and to officially open the site.”

Harrogate mayor Jim Clark also commented:

“I look forward to seeing the solutions and great ideas that will come out of the collaborative work done here. It is always good to see Harrogate companies continue to support our local economy, and invest in our Borough.”

At the ceremony the grand opening was conducted by the mayor and mayoress, who unveiled a plaque to commemorate the event. There were presentations by academic and business luminaries, a tour of the facility and guests went on to Rudding Park for drinks and lunch.

There is much interest in the Smithers Viscient European Laboratory in industry circles and among local Harrogatonians alike. But what do you think? Are you pleased to see this facility choose to base itself in Harrogate? Let us know your feelings by sharing in our comments section below.

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