Valentine’s Day in Harrogate

  1. February 9, 2014 12:25 pm

Valentine’s Day is always on the horizon and it’s wise to plan in advance if you aim to successfully woo that special someone. Or if you’ve already got someone on the hook or have been coupled up for decades it’s nice to show how much you still care by planning something romantic. But what should you do to dazzle your darling this Valentine’s Day? Thankfully in Harrogate there are plenty of options for gifts, evenings out and more.


Gorgeous Gifts
If you forget to buy a gift for your valentine you’ll be in trouble. Often a small token of your affection is all that’s needed, but at all costs don’t omit a present altogether. Even if your other half says they don’t care about a pressie, get them one anyway and you will definitely be in the good books.

As for what you should buy, that comes down to your partner/the person you want to impress on February 14th. You could go classic with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, as there are lots of fab florists in Harrogate. A bunch of red roses always goes down well, or something a little different like an orchid perhaps. And what better accompaniment for flowers than chocolates? It may sound like a cheesy choice of presents but there is a good reason that so many are sold each year.

If you’re buying for him, perhaps a nice bottle of something potent would be a good idea, or if you’re feeling cheeky why not some lingerie to add some fun to the evening for you both?


Candlelit Meals
A great meal is a must on Valentine’s Day, and if you opt to eat out there are loads of great eateries that provide a romantic ambience, as well as tantalising food. Luigi’s is Harrogate’s oldest family run restaurant in town and you could certainly do worse if you want to impress someone. And of course the list of excellent eateries in Harrogate goes on and on, but somewhere with candlelight, music and wine is essential.


Amorous Evenings
After dinner Harrogate is your oyster, with plenty of bars to choose from if you fancy a postprandial cocktail or glass of hard liquor. But if you yearn for entertainment you have an amplitude of options too. The Odeon cinema on East Parade could be your post-dinner port of call, to take in a blockbuster and cuddle up on the back row. Or perhaps Harrogate Theatre down on Oxford Street, where you could take in some culture and show your sophisticated side.

Alternatively, if the night is going even better you might want to check into one of Harrogate’s elegant hotels, such as The Old Swan Hotel. This is a great idea if you’re visiting Harrogate for the night, so you can relax, have a glass or two of something nice and go with the flow of the evening.

And if one night is not enough for your Valentine’s celebrations you could spend a few days in the area, in one of the many gorgeous cottages that are available to rent.

If you consider the ideas in this post and plan ahead for this Valentine’s Day, there’s a very good chance you’ll have a day (and night) to remember.

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