Boroughbridge is a small town in the Harrogate district of North Yorkshire (though historically it was part of the West Riding of Yorkshire). It’s a pretty old town and a visit might show you that there’s quite a lot to learn about Boroughbridge.


Historical evidence suggests that people first settled in the location of modern Boroughbridge as early as the Bronze Age. On the outskirts of the town there still stand three menhirs, known as the Devil’s Arrows, which were erected in that epoch. The stones themselves are interesting and worth a visit if you are intrigued by history. The tallest of the stones is 22 feet high, so they are pretty impressive to behold.

Roman settlers also lived in the Boroughbridge area, but the town itself began to grow where it is now after the Norman Conquest, when Dere Street – the Roman road to York – was diverted from Aldborough to Boroughbridge.

The town was also site of the Battle of Boroughbridge, which took place in 1322, and was part of the Despenser War. In it King Edward II defeated the Earl of Leicester, ending insurrection against Edward’s rule.

Today Boroughbridge is a lovely modern town with all the amenities you would expect. It has a selection of independent and chain shops, a primary school and high school and an array of pubs, cafes and restaurants. It is therefore a popular residential area. The fact that the A1 is very close also attracts people to Boroughbridge, as this makes commuting to different towns and cities quite easy.

If you do visit this pleasant North Yorkshire town you might also want to pop down the road to Aldborough, the actual site of the aforementioned Roman settlement. There is a museum there where you discover more about the history of this area.
Boroughbridge is a place with a rich history to discover, as well as plenty of more modern attractions.