Great Yorkshire Show: Amazing Agricultural Attraction

Harrogate is home to numerous events that draw in the crowds from far and wide. One such happening is the annual Great Yorkshire Show, held (fittingly) on the Great Yorkshire Showground.

This enormous agricultural show takes place from the second Tuesday in July until the following Thursday and is organised by the Yorkshire Agricultural Society, or YAS if you’re into the whole brevity thing. It is without question the largest agricultural show in England and is therefore a big pull for our area when July comes around.

Background to the Show

The YAS was established in 1837, with the aim of running an annual meeting for the exhibition of farming implements and livestock and for the promotion of farming in general. The first show was held at Fulford near York the next year and the event was a success, despite the police having to use their batons to prevent an unruly crowd from getting in without paying.

The show travelled around Yorkshire, moving to Leeds, Northallerton and Hull in proceeding years and it wasn’t until 1950 that a permanent showground was acquired on the outskirts of Harrogate, off Railway Road.

The Great Yorkshire Show 2013

What to Expect Today

Inevitably the show has changed a little from the events of the mid 1800s, but it still draws in huge crowds. In fact attendance figures for the 2013 show were over 134,000. Thankfully most are happy to pay the entrance fee so the police don’t get to use their batons very much these days.

There is much more to do than check out farming equipment and livestock too, though many farmers, breeders and other agricultural types do still come for the very same reasons people did in the 19th century. And if that is your (nose)bag you can see a fine selection of cattle, horses, pigs, goats, chicken, dogs and various other farmyard creatures.


More than Cows and Tractors

As well as animals and tractors you can visit fashion and art exhibitions, a cheese show, find out about forestry and learn the finer points of game cookery from famous chefs. The attractions don’t end there either – oh no – as the Great Yorkshire Show gives you the opportunity to nourish yourself in its hospitality suite.

Of course there are numerous other vendors of food and drink dotted around the 250 acre site, but if you fancy a taste of luxury in the midst of muddy wellies and combined harvesters, this is the place for you. For an additional fee you can experience the life of a VIP, with preferential parking, as much tea and coffee as you can drink, buffet lunch, wine, afternoon tea and tickets to the show’s grandstand, where you can have an excellent view of the day’s events. But whether you pay to be a VIP or not, you are bound to have a day to remember.


Yorkshire Show Infographic

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The Next Show

The next Yorkshire Show, which exhibitors are already keenly preparing for, will be held between Tuesday 8 and Thursday 10 July 2014. You can look forward to competitions, celebrity chefs, huge machines, magnificent animals, fashion, art excitement and most of all, a real taste of local culture.

To find out more about this amazing agricultural attraction and to buy tickets, you can visit the Great Yorkshire Show website here: