Harrogate International Centre

Visit Harrogate’s premier venue for events, exhibitions, conferences and much more.

Harrogate International Centre, often abbreviated to simply HIC, holds an important position in our old spa town. It is the go-to venue for the area’s biggest corporate, business and other events. Harrogate has been hosting such events for over 100 years, in the Royal Hall before the HIC was built.

There are many different exhibitions and conferences held at the venue throughout the year. These range from bridal shows to meetings of associations, exhibitions of retail and wholesale products and meetings of charity organisations. The HIC is perhaps the only location in the area that can cater for groups this large, and it caters for them very well.

In-house technical and event planning teams work hard with businesses and other organisations to plan product launches, political events and exhibitions that are efficiently run and impressive to behold. There are 10 event halls to choose from to cater for various numbers of delegates and the centre offers a flexible approach, meaning that the HIC can help just about anyone wanting to plan a conference or large event.

Harrogate International Centre is perfectly located in the centre of town, close to an array of bars and restaurants where more networking can be done, and they are a great way to wind down after a day of business or other meetings. The centre even offers discounts to delegates for a range of venues across the town.

If you would like to know more about Harrogate International Centre, take a look at the website.


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