Mother Shipton’s Cave

The oldest tourist attraction in England

If you would like to explore a natural wonder and have a great day out, you may want to come and visit Mother Shipton’s Cave, the oldest tourist attraction in England.

Mother Shipton was a legendary soothsayer and prophetess who lived between 1488 and 1561, and was apparently born in this ancient cave in Knaresborough. She prophesied about the future in a series of poems and some of her predictions proved to be very close to the mark, both during and after her lifetime.

Among them was the invention of iron ships, the Great Fire of London and the defeat of the Spanish Armada. She even predicted the end of the world, but thankfully that hasn’t happened so far, so come and visit this natural wonder while you can! People have been coming to see the cave since 1630 because of the mystery and beauty it offers.

If you fancy a day out in Knaresborough Mother Shipton’s Cave is a great idea. Here you can take a tour of the park, with its play area, museum, wishing well, boathouse, gardens, castle ruins and even pub! And of course the cave itself, with its petrifying well and well spring. During Mother Shipton’s lifetime locals believed this well to have magical properties and never ventured near it. They had seen it turn twigs, leaves and perhaps small dead animals to stone over time, and they thought they could be petrified too.

The well was later thought to have miraculous healing powers and among others, Henry VIII bathed in its falling waters. Today there are numerous everyday objects turning to stone, which you can see if you visit Mother Shipton’s Cave.

This is no ordinary day out, but a great way to entertain the family and any fans of natural wonders. Visit our website to find out more about this amazing local attraction.


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