Starbeck Baths

Come and take a dip in the excellently maintained Starbeck Baths swimming pool.

If you like swimming and you are in the Harrogate area you should probably take a trip to Starbeck Baths. This swimming pool on the appropriately named Spa Lane in Harrogate was actually built as far back as 1870 and it remains a lovely, community facility.

It is a relatively small swimming pool with a length of 18 metres, but it has ample space to splash around or do some lengths, in the water which is kept at a very comfortable 31 degrees Celsius. Numerous classes and activities are held at Starbeck Baths, from Aquababes and family swims to 50 plus, adults only, aqua zumba and much more.

Facilities at Starbeck Baths include car parking, spacious changing rooms and a pool viewing area, which is perfect for parents who want to keep an eye on kids without having to swim themselves. There’s also a coffee machine and cold drinks and snacks available for viewers or for a little treat after a swim.

2014 Opening

Day Times
Monday 08:30 20:45
Tuesday 07:45 20:00
Wednesday 09:30 20:15
Thursday 08:00 20:45
Friday 09:00 20:00
Saturday 08:30 16:00
Sunday 08:30 15:15


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