Starbeck is an area of Harrogate but an interesting community in its own right. You may well have driven through it or travelled through on the train (as there is a station in Starbeck), but have you ever stopped to look around? If not you might find this an illuminating read.


The village of Starbeck was at one time a part of the ancient forest of Knaresborough, south of the River Nidd. It’s located north of the Wharfe and Washburn rivers and west of Blubberhouse Moor. The village was originally built on swamp ground between Knaresborough and High Harrogate, but a visit will quickly reveal that it’s come on a bit since then!

Starbeck is a popular spot for Harrogate folk to live as it has plenty of amenities and its own railway station. The railways arrived in Starbeck way back in 1848. This led to railway buildings, a corn mill and an increased local population. And today Starbeck residents can easily get into Harrogate on the train in just a few minutes, or onward to Leeds and beyond, or York and other destinations in the opposite direction. The level crossing is a well known part of Starbeck, but perhaps not always a popular one if you’re a driver stuck at the signals while a train travels through.

Starbeck is a modern and very civilised community with plenty of amenities available. There are numerous shops including pharmacies, post office, butchers’ shops, car and motorcycle dealerships and even a chimney sweep’s shop. The Yorkshire Tea factory is another well known building in the area and there is a Morrison’s supermarket too. Thirsty locals don’t have to look too far to find a good drink either, as there are a couple of pubs in Starbeck serving booze and bar food.

Starbeck public baths is another well known landmark in the village. This is a fantastic piece of classical architecture that was built to take advantage of the period when people flocked to Harrogate to enjoy the spa facilities, and it’s worth seeing if you are in the area.

So next time you’re passing through Starbeck why not stop and take a look around?